Cheese Magicube 芝士豆沙方块 x Pisces 双鱼座


In order to improve people’s perception towards traditional Tau Shar Pheah, Ban Heang decided to develop and transform it into a new product– Tau Shar Cube a.k.a Magicube, with the used of advanced technology.  What makes this Magicube outstanding is that “4 NOs” is involved in the  making process, which is “Flourless/NO flour is used”, NO Artificial  Colouring, NO Preservatives, and NO Additives. With such technology, it  is a natural and healthy way to prolong the product’s shelf life, which up  to 6 months. Meanwhile, this advanced technology also aids in retaining  the product’s nutritional value. Tau Shar Cube is named after Magicube  as it can match with different ingredients of consumers’ favourite, with  the researches and developments in the products after 3 years.

On another hand, with the creativeness of Ban Heang, we have come out  with a series of Magicube which tied to 12 different horoscopes according  to the flavours as well as the traits representing the horoscope.

Moreover, with the innovative breakthrough in Ban Heang, different  ingredients are used, such as cheese, salted egg, rojak and et cetera, to  fulfil and cater current market’s demands.

Get the flavour of your horoscope now!

2019年,萬香饼家希望改变人们以往对传统豆沙饼的印象, 决定用最新的技术将它打造成魔术方块。制造过程中更用 上了‘4无’ – 无面粉,无人造色素,无防腐剂以及无添 加剂。这项技术不但保存豆沙的营养价值和味道,而且还 能延长保质期限长达半年。在师傅3年匠心研发下,豆沙和 各种食材的绝妙搭配,便有了魔术方块的称号。

除此之外,萬香饼家根据12星座不同个性来推出一系列的 魔术方块,在口味和星座的组合下为平常的手信添加了一 点特别心思 。萬香饼家迎合大众需求市场,大胆创新,其 中独特口味如香辣虾米,咸蛋,啰㘃等等。根据你的星座, 应该尝试哪种口味呢?

Shelf Life – 18 months

In stock

Sold By: Ban Heang (M) Sdn Bhd
Product Code: 010490003 010490003


Green Bean, Sugar,  Cheddar Cheese, Vegetable Oil, Salt


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