Freeze Dried Jackfruit 50g 菠囖蜜干 50g


  • Healthy Snack that is made up of 100% local fresh fruits with advanced freeze-dried technology machine which the nutrients and taste of the fruits are 100% retained.
  • 一种健康小吃采用百分百纯天然道地果肉。
  • 采用先进的冷冻干燥技术来保存100%果肉的营养以及味道,让顾客吃到最天然和健康的小吃。
  • High in Proteins, Vitamins and Fibres
  • 蛋白质,维生素, 纤维
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • 零胆固醇
  • Not containing any Preservative and Colouring
  • 不含任何防腐剂和色素

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100% Jackfruit


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