Thanks Giving Gift Set 满满感恩礼盒


** This bundle set only available within West Malaysia.**
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Tambun Biscuit 原味淡汶饼 – 1 box
Ginger Slice 姜片 – 1 bottle
Almond Slice 杏仁香脆薄饼 – 1 box
Omelette Crisp (Chocolate) 荷包饼 (巧克力口味) – 1 box
Butter Cookies 原味曲奇饼 – 1 box
Chocolate Cookies 巧克力曲奇饼 – 1 box
Black Sesame Peanut Candy 黑芝麻花生糖 – 1 box
Gula Kacang 花生糖 – 1 box
Cheese Crisp 芝士香脆薄饼 – 1 box

* Free Gift 赠送礼品
Mini Coconut Crisp – 1 box
Aloha 4 in 1 Crisp – 1 box
Colorful Lunch Box 限量版色彩缤纷餐盒 – 1 set
Limited Edition Rainbow Shopping Bag 限量版精美环保袋 – 1 pcs
Mystery Gift 神秘礼盒- 1 box

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Sold By: Ban Heang (M) Sdn Bhd
Product Code: N/A
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