Vacuum Freeze Dried Technology

Vacuum Freeze Dried Technology

The Vacuum Freeze-Drying Technology, which cost us RM1.5M in order to set up in our production department during the end of year 2017. The Vacuum Freeze-Drying technology is a process of the removal of ice or other frozen solvents from a material through the process of sublimation. Vacuum Freeze-Drying technology brings a lot of benefits to the food manufacturing industry. One of the most significant is this technology will help in prolonging the shelf life of food products as removing water content through the Vacuum Freeze-Drying process removes potential for bacterial growth as long as in complying with our packaging. Besides, the technology also preserves the actual nutrition value of the original raw material, to assure that our beloved consumers are getting the real nutrition from the food.



Freeze Dried Fruits

In this era everyone wants to pursue a healthy life, even exercise fitness is not satisfied, in the diet also requires healthy nutrition. Ban Heang launched the original factory – made freeze-dried fruit series. We have durian, known as the king of fruits, selected by the public as the “best gift fruit” – mango, which tastes with temperament — Jackfruit, last but not least the rich nutrition with suitable for all ages – Banana. After the vacuum freeze-drying technology to remove the water, the fruit retained the nutritional value of 100% of the original raw materials, but also it extended the quality of the food. This series immediately won the enthusiastic love of customers.


在这时代人人都想追求健康生活,运动健身还不够,在饮食上也要求健康营养。萬香推出了原厂自制冻干水果系列。系列里分别是拥有果中之王之称榴莲,被众人选为送礼佳果” – 芒果,吃起来有气质波罗蜜,又名为包丰果和老少皆宜具有丰富营养香蕉。水果经过真空冷冻干燥技术的处理去除水分后,保留了百分百原始原料的营养价值之外,也延长了食品的保质期限。因无添加任何剂带出了原汁原味的水果干,此系列推出后就立刻获得了顾客热烈的喜爱。

Freeze Dried Chocolate Fruits

Following the technology of fruit dry freeze-drying, Ban Heang launched the series Freeze Dried Fruit Chocolate with high appearance level. The taste of the dry fruit drizzled with coated chocolate is improved instantly. The aroma of the fruit and the aroma of the chocolate are integrated into one, and the refined taste is accompanied by the crisp fruit. Perhap in pursuit of a different taste, the collection was immediately recognized internationally and became a favourite from tourists.



Mini Tau Shar Pheah – Magicube

Mini Tau Shar Pheah, also known as Magicube, is known as a new generation of Tau Shar Pheah, is a new and unprecedented food in the food manufacturing industry. The combination of Penang’s traditional biscuit Tau Shar Pheah and advanced food technology vacuum freeze-drying technology. The skinless Mini Tau Shar Pheah is cut into cubes and fed into a vacuum freeze-drying process. This product is free of colors, sugars, preservatives and additives. Nevertheless, they were mixed together with other raw material in order to come out with different flavour of Magicube, such as aromatic white coffee, hot spicy shrimp, rojak and the proud of Malaysia -Durian. This unprecedented flourless product offers customer value over price.


迷你豆沙饼又称魔术方块即是号称新一代豆沙饼,是食品制造业中一个全新的、前所未有的食品。由槟城传统食品的豆沙饼与先进的食品技术真空冷冻干燥技术结合。无皮的豆沙饼被切成方块状,送入真空冷冻干燥过程。此产品无添加色素,糖分,防腐剂与添加剂。然而,这款迷你豆沙饼与其他12种原料混合在一起,以得出不同的味道虾米口味和罗惹酱口味是本代最畅销的~ 这项前所未有的无面粉豆沙饼 提供了顾客价值更优于价格的产品哦!

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