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诞生啦! 诞生啦! 小萬宝诞生啦!
萬香饼家为了感谢及回馈顾客一直以来给于我们的支持,开心成立了萬香聚乐部 1.0 – 小萬宝。无论您在店里或网购都可以免费加入。除了可以继续享有促销活动,还可以额外累积积分以获取只属于萬香聚乐部成员的限量精美礼品。
Check it out! It’s Little Ban, who was just born!
Did you know? With the establishment of Ban Heang Loyalty Club 1.0 with Little Ban, Ban Heang would like to thank and express our gratitude to the supports given by our valued customers throughout the years. As a Ban Heang Loyalty Club Member, there will be a privilege of BH Points collection for every Ringgit spent in Ban Heang, with exclusive gifts available for redemption. Ban Heang Loyalty Club Member will also be updated with Ban Heang’s latest and exciting promotions as well as launching of new products.
Join Us Now For Free! Anywhere and anytime, through Ban Heang Retail Outlets, online at www.banheang.com.my or Ban Heang apps.
Your support is always our encouragement and motivation will keep us moving forward!

About Little Ban 关于小萬宝

Profile 个人资料

名字: 小萬宝 Little Ban
– 怕热酷爱冷的天气,所以喜欢套上“萬”字围布,露着小背到处跑
– 头上顶着小礼物,小包随时可以把欢乐惊喜传递给周围的人,萬香饼家的招牌开心果
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